Vacation Destination: Holiday Resort Lombok

Vacation Destination: Holiday Resort Lombok

Holiday Resort Lombok

Located on the island of Lombok’s western coast, Holiday Resort Lombok lies as one of the island’s premier vacation resorts. Set amidst a gorgeous collection of palm trees and classic tropical scenery, Holiday Resort Lombok offers the perfect opportunity for a relaxing vacation.

Situated in Mangsit Village on a beautiful, sprawling fifteen-hectare plot of land, Holiday Resort Lombok is the ideal place for anyone looking to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of Lombok Island. Just five minutes north from the tourist hub of Sengiggi, Holiday Resort Lombok offers premier resort life in a super convenient location.


Generally speaking, we’re not much for the resort life as we tend to enjoy going out and adventuring rather than choosing to sit back and relax the day away. However, during our time at Holiday Resort Lombok, we slowly found ourselves falling in love with resort life and all that it had to offer.

Sitting dead center of the property, Holiday Resort Lombok’s pool is the ideal place to settle into one of the many sun lounges and dig into that book you’ve been wanting to read. Over the course of our stay, we loved doing just that, soaking up the sun and wasting away the day with our noses deep in our books.


While Holiday Resort Lombok’s gorgeous swimming pool is certainly one of the biggest draws, the property is also home to a pristine stretch of golden sand beach. Enough to make even the most jaded beachgoer smile, the beautiful azure waters make for an amazing view at any time of day.

Being located directly on the west coast of the island, Holiday Resort Lombok is awarded with some of the finest sunset views we’ve ever seen. Pretty much every night we found ourselves running back to grab our camera to snap some photos of the unbelievably gorgeous scene. Seeing Bali’s Mount Agung framed by the palm trees, engulfed a sky of blazing orange and red was hands down one of the highlights of our time on Lombok. While our pictures are able to somewhat convey the scene, the sunsets here are another one of those things that you really just have to see for yourself.


Although we were certainly captivated by all the incredible natural beauty that Holiday Resort Lombok had to offer, one of our favorite aspects of our time there was the incredibly kind and gracious staff. Throughout the course of our entire stay, each and every staff member that we encountered was smiling and could not have been any nicer. Being true to our budget travel roots, we became regulars at the pool bar’s happy hour, and soon befriended one of the servers, Abib. Throughout our stay, Abib was constantly approaching us, asking not just if there was anything he could do for us, but also asking about our day, about our time in Indonesia and about ourselves. We quickly began to cherish these interactions with our new friend, and looked forward to seeing him each evening. While moments like this aren’t anything particularly huge or monumental, we thought that this effort and outward kindness was an excellent example of the amazing service that all the staff of Holiday Resort Lombok provides to their guests.

While the level of service offered at Holiday Lombok Resort is absolutely top notch, another amazing aspect of the property are the extremely comfortable guest rooms. The large property boasts a massive collection of rooms suited to all tastes, price ranges and group or family sizes. Plus, nearly all rooms sport an amazing, palm tree fringed, ocean view. Personally we were huge fans of this as we loved waking up in the morning and stepping out of our room and right into paradise.


In order to help fuel you up for the day that lay ahead, Holiday Resort Lombok offers an equally impressive as delicious breakfast spread each morning. Offering classic items like freshly baked bread and a tropical fruit spread, they also have a number of other local options as well. Freshly prepared Indonesian dishes like Lontong and Bakso satisfy with local flavors, and made to order omelettes are also available to please any palette. Along with a delicious breakfast, Holiday Resort Lombok is also home to two additional onsite restaurants, including one oceanside dining option, perfect for a romantic dinner on the water.


Everything from the hours spent relaxing by the pool to the wonderful ocean views and smiling staff members made our time at Holiday Resort Lombok absolutely unforgettable. If you’re looking for a peaceful retreat on one of Indonesia’s most beautiful islands, Holiday Resort Lombok might just be the place for you!

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Overall we had an absolutely amazing stay at Holiday Resort Lombok and will look back on our time with extremely fond memories. We hope that if you decide to spend your vacation enjoying Holiday Resort Lombok that you will enjoy yourself as much as we did!

Yours in Adventure,

Joel & Marla

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