The Best Surf School in Bali

The Best Surf School in Bali

Just like pasta and Italy, hiking and the mountains and peanut butter and jelly, surfing and Bali make for a combination that’s as good as it gets. Every year throngs of people from all over the world flock to the fabled Indonesian island in search of the perfect wave and high levels of stoke. While there’s no shortage of surf breaks to be found off of Bali’s beautiful coastline, the abundance of waves is only as good as your ability to ride them. Luckily, there are loads of beginner surf breaks, perfect for catching that first wave. Thankfully, we stumbled across the best surf school in Bali, where any level of surfer is welcome. 

One of the most popular beaches for learning how to surf is the gorgeous Double Six Beach in Seminyak. Just north of Kuta and south of Canggu, this perfectly located, golden sand beach is largely regarded as one of the best places to learn how to surf in Bali, and for good reason! 


With a seemingly endless collection of surf schools to choose from, deciding which outfit to go with can be a downright difficult decision. After all, there are a lot of considerations to take into account! You want to make sure that you’re going with a safe, reputable company with good experience before forking over your money. This is why we think Golden Sky Surfing is the best surf school in Bali for all the hopeful shredders out there looking to get out in the water and ride some waves.

So for a little bit of background - Neither of us have ever surfed before… EVER! A consequence of growing up far from the ocean, we are both much more accustomed to being on land than in water. Needless to say, we went into our surf lesson with absolutely no experience under our belt. Although a bit nervous, we were beyond excited and ready to give it our all!

After a few prompt emails back and forth, we had set the date for our very first surf lesson… easy as that! We met the Golden Sky team at Double Six Beach and got things rolling. Golden Sky Surfing is the brainchild of Rosie and Gi, an English-Indonesian couple, who founded the company this past year. Born in a small village on the coast of Java, Gi has been surfing his entire life, which is very clear once you see him out in the water (no wonder he was the number three ranked long boarder in SE Asia). After coming to Bali over two years ago, Rosie quickly fell in love with both the island and surfing thanks to none other than her partner, Gi! With loads of experience teaching in both Indonesia and New Zealand, Gi is hands down the best surf instructor in Bali with incredible patience and knowledge out in the water. After some friendly introductions, we threw on some rash guards, piled on the sunscreen and got down to the basics.


From right off the bat, we knew Gi was going to be a fantastic teacher and ultimately, the best surf instructor in Bali. He was really patient in answering our endless stream of questions with beautiful English, which made us feel super confident before getting into the water. Plus, Golden Sky Surfing always ensures that each group is no bigger than three people, giving you will have all the attention that you deserve.


After getting into some of the theory and basic techniques, we ventured out into the water and began our journey into the land of stoke. After paddling out into the waves, with plenty of help and guidance from Gi, we sat and waited for our perfect waves. On our first handful of times, Gi guided us into the waves helping to put us right where we needed to be. With a helpful push and some friendly encouragement, we both managed to pop right up (using the newly learned four-step method) and ride out our very first waves.

While our form might not have been the best, we both got up and were immediately hooked! Hearing shouts of encouragement from Gi in the water behind us, we knew that we had found a new love in wave riding, and it was all thanks to the Golden Sky Surfing team.


We then spent the next hour and a half paddling our hearts out, while having the absolute time of our lives. Although we swallowed a fair bit of saltwater and took a few tumbles that morning, we did so with enormous smiles on our faces. We both managed to improve our technique (as much as you can in an hours time) and even managed to catch a wave or two on our own! Paddling more than we ever had before, we were both completely exhausted and could barely carry our boards back to the beach... but our grins never faded. Neither of us could have ever imagined a better experience learning how to surf in Bali.


Even if you already know how to surf, Golden Sky Surfing provides an array of services catering to intermediate and advanced surfers. Offering everything from progressive, intermediate lessons aimed at helping you catch bigger waves and improve your technique, to full-on guided surf trips all over Bali, Golden Sky has you covered for all your wave-riding needs. Also, they will hook you up with a local surf photographer (for a small additional fee) to document your lesson and capture some rad shots of you catching some waves (like the ones of us above)! For more information and prices on Golden Sky Surfing’s lessons, check out their page here.


Gi, Rosie and the entire team at Golden Sky Surfing couldn’t have been any more amazing and helpful in showing us the pure joy that is surfing. Everything from contact beforehand and warm welcomes at the beach, to the amazing instruction and encouragement out in the water, made our first surfing experience an absolute blast. We seriously cannot thank and recommend Golden Sky Surfing highly enough. If you’re searching for the best surf school in Bali, you HAVE to go with Golden Sky Surfing. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

Yours in Adventure,

Joel & Marla

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