The Best Hotel in Sri Lanka

The Best Hotel in Sri Lanka

Aarunya Nature Resort

Kandy commonly gets over looked as a stop in a traveler’s Sri Lankan itinerary due to its reputation of a crazy crowded city. However, we found the best reason to visit Kandy: Aarunya Nature Resort - what we consider to be the most incredible hotel in Sri Lanka. It’s only about a 45 minute drive from the city center, and trust us when we say, it is well worth it.


First Impressions

Once we turned off the main road, we found ourselves on a small winding path in the mountains. Because we were traveling via tuk tuk, we were really able to appreciate all of the nature we were surrounded by. After about 5 minutes, we pulled up to a black gate where Aarunya Nature Resort’s guard let us in. We went up quite a steep hill and immediately realized why Aarunya Nature Resort had the reputation that it does - it has the most breathtaking views we’ve ever experienced at a hotel before. We seriously had never been to a resort that offered such scenery.


The entire resort spans across 7 acres of land and is home to many different plants and crops. There are rows and rows of tea plants and bundles of cinnamon. They actually took us tea picking while we were there and even dressed Marla up in a sari to look the part. It was definitely one of our favorite experiences of our whole stay at Aarunya Nature Resort.


Any bird fanatic will be in complete paradise with scouting opportunities of doves, white pigeons and even eagles! The resort has a naturalist on staff, and he will take you through the winding paths of the resort and explain to you all of the hidden gems. This is a nature enthusiast’s dream hotel, so needless to say we were in HEAVEN. The resort’s view and it’s surrounding nature is only one of the reasons why we’ve declared Aarunya Nature Resort as the best resort in Sri Lanka.

The Villas

There are five villas throughout the property, and we had the opportunity to explore most of them. Each come fully equipped with more than you could ever imagine. The beds are custom made from a special local latex blend which absolutely blew our minds. We tried to wake up for sunrise each morning of our stay, but due to the mattress, pillows and linens, removing ourselves from under the sheets was an enormous challenge. The villas have a seating area with a TV that has more channels than we’ve been able to scroll through in a VERY long time. We were at Aarunya Nature Resort during the World Cup Finals, so being able to watch it from the comfort of our own room was an incredible luxury.


The entire resort was designed by its owner who is an outstanding architect, and his idea for the bathroom was one of our favorites. It was spotless and spacious, made completely from specialty concrete- titanium blend, with TWO SINKS, a toilet and an exquisite rain shower.


The villas were gorgeously decorated, and we definitely appreciated the little touches. BUT our absolute favorite part of each villa was hands down the hot tub. The view from the hot tub alone was enough to keep us in the room all day. However, soaking it up at night is one of the coolest experiences because there are tons of fireflies that hang out all around the resort. Needless to say, our villa with its personal hot tub definitely contributed to why we think Aarunya Nature Resort is 100% the best hotel in Sri Lanka.


Onsite Dining

If everything we’ve mentioned previously hasn’t already convinced you to stay at Aarunya Nature resort, maybe this will. The meals we had at this incredible resort were definitely some of the best throughout our time in Sri Lanka. Each villa comes with included breakfast, and holy moly, the breakfast is AMAZING. The first morning we were served a delicious traditional Sri Lankan breakfast with coconut roti, string hoppers, fish curry and so much more.


The next morning, we were delightfully surprised with an awesome western-style breakfast: eggs cooked to your liking, yogurt parfaits, bacon, sausage, and breads with multiple different spreads.


The crew at Aarunya Nature Resort does not allow you to start your day hungry. In fact, after eating we normally had to go back to the room for about a half of an hour to rest and let our food settle. We are both huge suckers for a hearty breakfast, but we also had an amazing lunch of grilled chicken sandwiches and fries and dinner consisting of the best kottu in Sri Lanka with a watermelon and mint salad to die for. We cannot rave about the chef and food enough... It’s simply too good! You just have to try it for yourself.

Facilities: Swimming Pool, Spa & Fitness Center

It’s no surprise that Aarunya Nature Resort’s infinity pool is the biggest draw to the hotel. It’s seriously the most epic swimming pool we’ve ever had a chance to play around in. The view from the pool is inexplicable. We were completely speechless and really just had to take a few moments of silence to appreciate it.


Because we visited Aarunya Nature Resort within the first two weeks of opening, the Spa wasn’t up and running yet. However, the owner gave us the low down - They are flying in a spectacular Indonesian masseuse. Needless to say, once she arrives in Sri Lanka, we definitely need to head back to Aarunya Nature Resort! The facilities are located in the middle of tea terraces with loads of plants all around and a running fresh water stream. It really embodies Aarunya Nature Resort’s idea of tranquility in nature.


Last but certainly not least to explore was the workout facilities. It’s a small area but it really has everything you need to get a good sweat going. Equipped with a treadmill, a bike and an awesome weight lifting machine, we were definitely in the zone for an awesome work out. But of course, the most epic part of the whole room was the view. While we were working hard, we were looking out of the windows watching the trees blow in the wind and the birds fly by. What an incredible way to enjoy a work out!


We’ve stayed at a lot of resorts, and we’ve worked with tons of companies. However, we can proudly say that although Aarunya Nature Resort a very new resort, it has the potential to be the best resort in Sri Lanka. The staff are 5 star, especially Mr. Benedict, the general manager. He is so personable and will go out of his way to make anyone feel at home.


We can not recommend Aarunya Nature Resort enough to anyone planning to visit Sri Lanka. We promise, you will definitely not be disappointed if you choose to stay here! Reservations are only one click away!

Yours in Adventure,

Joel & Marla

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  • Dear Joel and Marla,

    It was truly a pleasure hosting you at Aarunya. We had a great time, and it’s a real pleasure to read this blog post. The team are truly honored to get such an awesome review!

    Warm regards
    Director – Aarunya Nature Resort

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