Our Stay in the Heart of Ipoh

Our Stay in the Heart of Ipoh

Sarang Paloh Heritage Stay & Event Hall 

Well known for its unique history, traditional architecture, delicious food and white coffee, Ipoh is a city every Malaysia bound traveler needs to visit. Its impressive collection of colonial style architecture and its fantastic culinary scene have sparked a recent growth in the city’s tourism industry, meaning visiting Ipoh is better now than ever.


Broken down into two main neighborhoods: New Town and Old Town, the city of Ipoh has tons to offer the curious traveler. While New Town is home to loads of delicious eateries and enough coffee shops to satisfy the hardiest brew drinkers, Old Town is where you can find majority of the impressive sights and points of interest.

Peeking into cafes, craft stores and boutique hotels housed in renovated shophouses, you quickly get a feel for Ipoh’s rich heritage. Occupying a beautifully restored colonial-style building, the Sarang Paloh Heritage Stay & Event Hall is an amazing boutique hotel and event space located right in the heart of Old Town. Offering a collection of unique and spacious rooms, Sarang Paloh is the perfect place to base your Old Town explorations.

Once home to both a goldsmith and a historically significant Chinese bank, the 100 year old building of Sarang Paloh is equally impressive in its heritage as its beauty. Expertly restored by the property’s owners, Sarang Paloh Heritage Stay & Event Hall offers the opportunity to experience Ipoh’s history firsthand. High, open ceilings and original timber floors throughout the property proudly boast the building’s impressive past.


If all that wasn’t enough, the building is furnished almost entirely with authentic, antique furniture from Ipoh and the state of Perak. Using only pre-owned, local antique furniture and having the remaining items specially manufactured from locally sourced, salvaged timber is quite impressive as well. Although this might not be the biggest deal for some, we thought it stood as a testament to Sarang Paloh’s commitment to being as authentically Ipoh as possible. 


The name of Sarang Paloh Heritage Stay & Event Hall is nearly as unique as the hotel itself, and its backstory really adds a little extra appreciation for the property. The words “Sarang” and “Paloh” are tributes to the city’s rich past, roughly translating from Bahasa Malaysia to mean “Nest of Ipoh”. Donning the names of various local bird species, Sarang Paloh truly is the perfect nest for any traveler visiting Ipoh.

During our time there, we stayed in the Great Tit Room and couldn’t possibly have asked for a more comfortable stay. Tastefully decorated with lovely antiques, hardwood floors and gorgeous garden views, our room at Sarang Paloh was absolutely stunning.



While everything from the building, the history and the rooms themselves are reasons enough to visit, arguably the best aspect of staying at Sarang Paloh Heritage Stay & Event hall is the location. Perfectly situated in the heart of Old Town, Sarang Paloh is the best possible base for exploring all that this city has to offer.

In close walking distance to majority of the city’s most popular attractions, Ipoh is at your fingertips during your stay at Sarang Paloh. We logged some serious miles on foot exploring Old Town and the surrounding areas. Yes, it was certainly a tiring couple of days, but we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Just steps away from tons of historic buildings, a seemingly endless collection of delicious restaurants and more coffee shops than you could possibly dream of, Sarang Paloh’s location is second to none.

Home to a street art scene rivaling that of nearby Georgetown, Ipoh is an awesome place to check out some urban art. On our first day in town, we spent our entire afternoon wandering the streets and admiring all the awesome installations around Old Town. Seemingly designed right around Sarang Paloh, there is a great self-guided walking tour of some of the bigger murals nearby. It’s an excellent way to get a feel for the city while checking out some killer art too! Here’s a map where you can find some of the murals in town:


Finally, one of our favorite attractions close to Sarang Paloh had to be the Concubine Lanes. Once home to a myriad of opium dens, brothels and gambling parlors, these narrow Ipoh streets have undergone a massive renaissance in recent years. These now famous lanes are home to a wonderful collection of boutiques, coffee shops, restaurants and street art, making an excellent place for an afternoon stroll. Quite literally across the way from Sarang Paloh, visiting these picturesque streets has never been easier!


Overall, everything about our time at the Sarang Paloh Heritage Stay & Event Hall couldn’t have been any more fantastic. Staying at this incredible boutique hotel not only allowed us to be located right in the heart of historic Old Town, but also let us experience the city’s history first hand. If you’re looking to visit Ipoh and have a unique, authentic experience, there’s no better place than here.

Yours in Adventure,

Joel and Marla

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