One Happy Island – Our Perfect Vacation to the Island of Aruba

One Happy Island – Our Perfect Vacation to the Island of Aruba

Over the course of our travels, we have been fortunate enough to visit some of the nicest beaches in the world. We've experienced the crystal clear waters of The Philippines, the black sand beaches of Bali and so many places in between; and for that, we are extremely grateful. However, before arriving in Aruba, we thought we had an idea of an ideal stretch of sand. Boy, were we so wrong. We can confidently say that no other beaches in the world can compare to Aruba's fine white sand and azure waters.


Aruba’s coastline is widely considered to be one of the nicest in The Caribbean. It's famous for it’s blindingly white sand and unbelievable turquoise waters. In fact, Aruba’s Eagle Beach was voted one of the nicest in the ENTIRE WORLD! Aruba’s beaches consist of gentle currents, clear waters and beautiful views. What more do we need to say?

Aruba has a seemingly endless array of lodging options that keeps visitors from all over the world coming back year after year. There are hotels and accommodations for any type of traveler, so it doesn't matter if you're traveling on a budget or going for your honeymoon! There's something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a secluded, luxurious villa with an ocean view, a hotel with a private island, or a family and budget friendly all-inclusive resort, your own, unique paradise awaits.


Over the course of our five, fabulous days on the island of Aruba, we were fortunate enough to stay at Divi All Inclusive. We seriously could not have possibly imagined a better experience. Not only was the property located on an absolutely gorgeous stretch of pristine, white sand, but it was also seriously one of the most fun hotel experiences we’ve ever had. Everything from the amazing and unbelievably kind staff, to the TEN all-inclusive restaurants, open bars and all around perfect amenities made Divi All Inclusive one of our favorite hotels to date. Every single day we were both blown away with our experience, and seriously cannot recommend Divi All Inclusive highly enough for a perfect island getaway.


Most hotels in Aruba have tons of activities throughout the day to keep you entertained. However, Aruba may be a tiny little island, but it has SO much to see. There are tons of experiences/activities for every age group to keep you exploring all day long. Whether you enjoy a leisurely round of golf, lounging by the beach, adventurous SCUBA diving, or even skydiving, there's seriously more to do on this island than you could possibly imagine. Needless to say, you will be entertained!

With so many choices, it’s nearly impossible to go wrong! However, we can confidently recommend a Sunset Sail with Pelican Adventures and one of the UTV Tours with ABC Tours Aruba. 

If you enjoy boat rides with open bars and watching the sun set behind the horizon, Pelican's Sunset Sail is definitely for you. There's tons of snacks and mixed drinks for your liking, as well as good music and tons of amazing people to meet. Throughout the boat ride, you're shown some of the island’s most enchanting views, and you'll experience what will likely be one of the most memorable sunsets of your life. You're definitely in for an amazing evening if you choose this one!


However, if you’re feeling a little more on the adventurous side, we would strongly recommend looking into one of the UTV Tours offered by ABC Tours Aruba. You’ll be given the keys to one of their incredibly rugged and unbelievably fun Utility Task Vehicles. Their amazing staff will show you some of the island's most epic scenery like stunning natural pools, cliff jumping and some of the most incredible coastline you will ever see. We did one of the tours with ABC, and while we got home absolutely caked in dust, it was definitely one of our absolute favorite experiences from our time in Aruba!


Aruba is one of the BEST possible vacation destinations that we could have ever imagined. Everything from our hotel, to the beaches, and endless activities made for one hell of a trip! On top of all of this, one of our favorite parts of our experience was all of the people we met along the way. From locals to other tourists, everyone was so incredibly kind. We never once felt uncomfortable or unsafe in any way while in Aruba. The island is extremely tourist and family-oriented, so it’s no wonder that the phrase “Aruba: One Happy Island” has stuck for so long!


If all of this didn't sound good enough... Would you like to know the best part of it all? Besides the picture perfect beaches, friendly locals, endless entertainment and flawless island vibes, it’s only a short flight away from the United States! After a quick and easy plane ride from New York City or Miami, you can be relaxing on some of the nicest beaches that this beautiful planet has to offer. 

We spent an absolutely incredible, sun-filled 5 days on the One Happy Island of Aruba and by the time we had to leave, we were already planning our next trip back. We cannot stop raving to our our families and friends about how awesome of a time we had, and we strongly urge you to experience it for yourself! 


Yours in Adventure,

Joel & Marla

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