Central Berlin’s Best Hotel

Central Berlin’s Best Hotel

Mövenpick Hotel Berlin

Berlin is known for its trendy fashion and shopping, incredible night life and of course, it’s rich history. Needless to say, when we decided to add Berlin to our epic European road trip route, we were beyond stoked to take it all in. There’s so much to see and do, so we knew with only three nights in the city, we really had to put on our walking shoes and get exploring! Luckily, staying at the Mövenpick Hotel Berlin made all of our sightseeing so much easier. It was simply one of the best decisions we possibly could have made.


After driving all the way from Krakow to Berlin, we were quite tired by the time we arrived. We couldn’t have been happier to pull up to the Mövenpick Hotel Berlin to see such a warm and welcoming building.


We did arrive a bit early and our room was understandably not ready yet. However, the lovely receptionist gave us some awesome recommendations of places to go while we waited. The hotel is about a 20 minute walk to the Brandenburg Gate, one of Berlin’s biggest and most recognizable attractions. From there you can see just about anything you’d like in central Berlin! Not only does the Mövenpick Hotel Berlin have so many sights within walking distance, but there’s also a metro stop literally right outside the door. We easily traveled to so many different pockets of the city right from our doorstep!



Once our bedroom was ready, we had completed a full day of driving and a bit of sightseeing. All we wanted was to take a hot shower and to jump into bed. We wish you guys could have seen our faces when we entered our room. There it stood - a massive bed with fluffy down pillows and comforter. It was calling our names, but first: showers.


The bathroom was beautiful! A gorgeous bath/shower with some of the best water pressure we had experienced in a long time. A very welcome luxury to two very weary travelers.


If this wasn’t already enough, our room was so big that it had its own lounge area. We cannot tell you the last time we had so much room to ourselves! Complete with a sofa and a comfy chair, this area served as the spot for many cups of tea and coffee throughout our time in Berlin.


Our room was so comfortable, it was actually hard to get out of bed some mornings. However, we had to force ourselves because we knew we had so many amazing things to see.


It’s no secret - we love to eat. One of our favorite parts of traveling is actually eating our way through the country. So, it goes without saying that whenever we get the opportunity to experience a hotel’s breakfast buffet, we jump right on it. Much to our delight, Mövenpick Hotel Berlin’s breakfast was more than we could have ever asked for. It consisted of cheeses that we had never even heard of before, countless different types of breads, pastries to die for, an omelet station, hot dishes that made our mouths water and of course, endless amount of delicious coffee and tea. This was pretty much a foodies dream. We ate breakfast here every morning and never once left hungry.


The hotel’s restaurant is also open for lunch and dinner in addition to housing an onsite bar. We were lucky enough to have a few cocktails one night before going out,  and thoroughly enjoyed our time. The bar has a super cool vibe with blue-ish, purple lighting and in classic Berlin fashiopn, some great music to go along. So when you visit, make sure not to miss out on the on-site restaurants if you plan to stay at Mövenpick Hotel Berlin.



Staying fit on the road isn’t easy, especially if you’re living out of a car like we are. Whenever we can score an accommodation with some type of fitness center, we always do our best to take full advantage of it. Mövenpick Hotel Berlin’s gym was perfect for us. It had everything we needed and more to get a good sweat going. Hotels that have facilities like this are always high up on our list.


The combination of its central location, impeccable rooms, delicious onsite dining and gorgeous facilities makes Mövenpick Hotel Berlin the best place to stay in Berlin. If all of this wasn’t enough, the staff here are unbelievable. They ALWAYS have smiles on their faces and remembered us from the second we checked in. It might not seem like much, but it's little touches like this that really matter to us. They were so unbelievably helpful in making the most of out of our time in the city. We cannot thank everyone at Mövenpick Hotel Berlin enough for making our time in Berlin so memorable. We can't wait to come back!


Yours in Adventure,

Joel & Marla

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