Backpacker’s Delight: The Rucksack Caratel

Backpacker’s Delight: The Rucksack Caratel

Located just steps away from the city’s top tourist attractions, The Rucksack Caratel - Jonker Wing hotel is the ultimate base for backpackers to experience all that Melaka has to offer. With a killer location, cozy rooms, a super fun design theme and excellent value for money, The Rucksack Caratel - Jonker Wing has you totally covered when visiting Melaka.

The Rucksack Caratel - Jonker Wing 

Upon walking into the property you immediately get a feel for the inviting vibes at The Rucksack Caratel - Jonker Wing. Part of the Rucksack Caratel family of hotels and a subsidiary of the Hip and Happening Group Holdings, the Jonker Wing property is the perfect embodiment of the company’s fun and creative ideals. A newer addition to The Rucksack family, the Jonker Wing location sports a unique and stylishly modern Americana theme across the lobby. Bright colors and super friendly staff quickly make you feel comfortable, relaxed and ready for your stay in Melaka.


Given Melaka’s UNESCO World Heritage designation, there are a seemingly endless amount of tourist attractions right at your doorstep when staying at The Rucksack Caratel - Jonker Wing. Just minutes away from major sights like Christ Church, A Famosa Fort, St. Paul’s Hill and the bustling Jonker Street Night Walk, it’s hard to beat The Rucksack Caratel on location.

Additionally, The Rucksack Caratel - Jonker Wing’s prices are pretty hard to beat. Offering super comfortable rooms suitable for one to three people, you’re bound to find something for your needs. For a complete list of room types and prices, visit their website.

Over the course of our time in Melaka we were lucky enough to stay in one of the property’s rooms called "The Puteri" and could not have asked for a more comfortable experience. A spacious room, uber comfortable bed, beautiful view and a bathroom fit for a king definitely made it hard for us to leave! All tied together with a tastefully done, industrial-minimalist theme, the Grand Jonker room was absolutely perfect.


While our room made for an incredibly comfortable stay during our time in Melaka, one thing about The Rucksack Caratel - Jonker Wing that we especially loved was the free breakfast included with each room! Ever looking to stretch our dollar as far as possible, the free breakfast wasn’t just a delicious way to fuel up for the day, but an excellent way to save a bit of money too.

Along with a delicious breakfast on deck every morning, The Rucksack Caratel Jonker Wing is also home to it’s own restaurant too! Serving up traditional diner classics like burgers and shakes alongside unique offerings like Malay inspired fried chicken, Big Mama’s makes for a delicious and super convenient meal while in Melaka.

The Rucksack Caratel also has a second location in Melaka - their Garden Wing. Just a few blocks away from the Jonker Wing, their Garden Wing is yet another stellar member of the Rucksack family. Boasting a gorgeous blue pool set amongst luscious greenery, the Garden Wing is a beautiful step back from the bustle of Melaka. Although we didn’t spend the night here, we were so kindly invited to take a dip in the pool and take our word for it: it’s the perfect place to relax and cool off after a hot day in the city.


All in all, our stay in Melaka wouldn’t have been complete without our time at The Rucksack Caratel - Jonker Wing. Everything from the comfortable room to delicious breakfast and killer location, the property offered us everything and more than we could have asked for. If you’re looking for a super fun, nicely priced and well located hotel in Melaka, we honestly can’t recommend The Rucksack Caratel highly enough!


Yours in Adventure,

Joel & Marla

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